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Meet K.T. Bishop and Learn How to Cure a Cajun Cold

Posted on: December 7, 2008

cajun-cold4Today I’m interviewing K. T. Bishop.

Tell us a little about yourself, K.T.

I am a award-winning sportswriter who lives on the Florida Gulf Coast and Red Rose Publishing author.
How to Cure a Cajun Cold is the opener of My College Love 101 series, a set of four short stories. Cajun Cold is my debut at Red Rose Publishing. I’ve always wanted to write in this genre.
The next book I have out at Red Rose is PICKING COTTON, the opening novel in my Cotton Series. It will be released in the upcoming months.
For those wanting to know more about me, go to and

    1. What inspired you to write this story? College Love is one of the most sacred romances, but often gets overlooked. High school sweethearts are mostly coveted in romance novels, while the college lovers are usually lost in the shuffle.

    2. Do you have a favorite character, if so tell us why? Arnaz Booker is a hard-working, good-looking student who always get lost in the shuffle. He never gives up on his goal, and finds a beautiful woman in the process.

    3. Tell us a little about your writing schedule. What do you find most difficult, easiest? I write mostly on my off days. At work during dinner/lunch breaks and during the morning before heading off. During the week sometimes is hard to get time into writing, mainly because of a day job.

    4. What are your future writing plans? Picking Cotton is the first of a three-novel series by Red Rose. It entails about M.L. Cotton working hard to play college quarterback in the South during the 1980’s.

    5. What made you write Interracial and Multicultural Sports Romance? I will give a two-part answer. One, I’ve seen countless books on black women/white men and hardly any about white women/black men. Some of that went on at my high school, but people were afraid because of racial intertolerance in the South. Two, there were sports romances out there about baseball and hockey, auto racing. I saw few books on football, a big time thing in the Deep South.

K.T. Bishop is published by Red Rose Publishing. You can learn more about how to Cure a Cajun Cold at:


8 Responses to "Meet K.T. Bishop and Learn How to Cure a Cajun Cold"

Thank you for having me, Nancy. I was more than happy to share my life experiences in this book as well as with your fans.

Good interview KT and Nancy. I am looking forward to the Cotton Series.

Thanks for looking in Delores and KT. It’s great to have guests. I too am looking forward to the Cotton Series.

Happy Holidays,


Hi, K.T.! Great interview! Good luck with Picking Cotton. I love the title. It’s so Southern sounding and brings to mind the cotton fields that are so commonly seen in the South.

I haven’t read Cajun Cold yet–haven’t read much of anything lately 😦 — but your football theme really is a great idea. Football in the south is a religion and, as you know, one has to pick teams, no wishy-washy allowed here, so I can only see your books as a win-win situation. Hopefully I’ll get back to reading soon and I still have Cajun Cold on my TBR list and Picking Cotton will be hitting it soon.

Good luck with everything!

Gracen Miller

Great interview, K. T. and Nancy. Your stories sound fascinating to me.

Learn something new everyday (smile). I enjoyed the interview and I too am looking forward to your series. Great cover BTW. Pat Cromwell

Great interview, KT and Nancy. I had read it before and thought I left a comment, but for some reason it wasn’t here. I think this sounds like a great series.


Hi K.T. and Nancy,

What a great interview. I really like this series.


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