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Meet Kim Smith

Posted on: December 22, 2008


Like Kim, I write cozy mysteries, so I’m very pleased to have her as my guest this week. Kim is a very busy lady with many interests. In January she has a surprise in store for her mystery fans. We’ll preview it later in the week.

Kim Smith was born in Memphis Tennessee, the youngest of four children. After a short stint in a Northwest Mississippi junior college, during the era of John Grisham’s rise as a lawyer, she gave up educational pursuits to marry and begin family life.

She has worked in many fields in her life, from fast food waitress to telephone sales. “I always got the seniors on the phone who were lonely and wanted someone to talk to. My boss couldn’t understand why in the world I spent so much time talking to them and not enough time selling. That was when I realized I love people and care deeply about their lives.”

After the birth of her two children, she gave up working outside the home for the more important domestic duties of wife and mother. When her kids decided they wanted to pursue theater as an extracurricular activity, she gave up her free time to drive them to rehearsals, training classes, and plays. During those years, she found herself bored with nothing to do to while away the hours stuck in a car. She began thinking of stories to entertain herself and pass the time. Before long she started telling her husband about her stories and he assured her she could write a book if she really wanted to. She put the idea away once she landed a job as a network administrator for a small corporation, and together the Smith’s started their own video production company.

Writing was a dream, hidden but not forgotten, and soon Kim began to talk again of trying her hand at it. She played with words, and wrote several poems, one of which was picked up for an anthology

One day in the early nineties her husband came home with a desktop computer and sat her in front of it. “Now you have no more excuses,” he said, and she realized the truth in his words. Procrastination, now no longer an option, she took off on the pursuit of penning her first book. Though that book, a young adult fantasy, was lost due to unforeseen circumstances, she kept going, writing a historical romance, and another YA.

When she decided to try out her hand at mystery writing, she discovered her true love and niche in the writing journey. She has since had four short stories, and her first mystery novel accepted for publication.

Kim is a member of Sisters in Crime, and the Short Mystery Society. She still lives in the Mid South region of the United States and is currently working on her second book in the mystery series.


10 Responses to "Meet Kim Smith"

Having read both of your newest releases I can say both are fun, interesting, and full of interesting twists. Great to read more on Kim. Kudos Nancy.

Hi Nancy and Kim,
I just wanted to drop in and support Kim during her visit with you this week. I’m pleased to call her my friend, and I look forward to reading more about her and her work…although I already know a little about her. It’s always fun to learn more.


Nancy…nice write up on Kim’s background. My interest is piqued as to what her surprise is. How wonderful that Kim’s husband is so supportive. Supportive family certainly helps.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and happy new year!

Donna McDine

Congrats, Kim!! I’m so happy for you. :()

That’s great you have your husband’s support in your writing. It makes a big difference. I’m happy to say my husband is also supportive.

Morgan Mandel

Hi Kim,
Just saw your post on CTR. It’s nice to put a face to the name.
Your hubby sounds so supportive!! I didn’t know about the video production company. That’s just awesome. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you. Thanks, Nancy, for having her!

Thank you for stopping in you guys…. Nancy will be posting more this week… and I hope you will enjoy our time together as much as I do! Don’t you LOVE blogging???

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to drop by and say hello and support your visit to Nancy’s blog. All the best with your writing endeavours, you are certainly on a roll at the moment and you deserve all the accolades and success that comes your way.

Kim is such a wonderful person…she’ll be touring with us in February so be sure to follow her tour at!

YES! thank you for the mention Dorothy 🙂
I hope you all will follow me around the Net on my blog tour and learn more about the book, my method, and me.

Happy New Year!

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