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Avenging Angel, a Shannon Wallace Mystery

Shannon Wallace is having a bad hair week. She’s been ditched by her job, drunk as a skunk, dumped by her boyfriend and implicated in his murder. When their very private video collection turns up missing from the crime scene, Shannon has to find them before the cops do. But the killer has taken them, and he’s watched them. Now she’s at the top of HIS most wanted list!

Kim’s latest book is available from Red Rose Publishing (

I asked Kim some questions about her release:

What inspired you to write this story? This book came about originally when an idea occurred to me to write a story about a girl who goes to work for a man who wants to have a detective agency but couldn’t get his license, so they do detecting under the radar. It was a good start, but the story went in a completely different direction once the characters came on screen. I don’t know if it was a good thing or not, but I just held on the reins and they took over the buggy.

Do you have a favorite character, if so tell us why? My favorite character in Avenging Angel is Dwayne Brown. He is the most colorful, fun person in the world to be around. I know my readers will love him!


about Avenging Angel …wonderful story, masterfully blending action, humor, and suspense … from Ron Adams, author of KEY LIME SQUEEZE, LAKE EFFECT…

Avenging Angel, is a welcome addition to the cozy mystery genre.  Full of hilarious situations and a mystery that will keep the reader guessing, the story takes place in a well drawn world peopled by characters brimming with authentic Southern charm.  Smith’s writing is down to earth, real and honest.  Avenging Angel is as refreshing as a tall glass of icy sweet tea on a summer afternoon.

Liz Rozanski

Friends Again Bookstore, Mgr.

about Kim

…Kim is an exceptionally talented writer with keen insight and a deliciously wicked sense of humor. She is a teacher, mentor, sometime editor and critic, and the best friend an aspiring writer can have. She is more than willing to share her talents with others…


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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for letting me hijack your blog. I didn’t get in here until now because of the holidays.

Hope everyone had a good time!

I know what you mean by stories changing from the original concept. . You start out with an idea, but once you get started it takes a new direction. That’s the fun of it.

Morgan Mandel

I loved reading more about your story. Great interview!


Hi Kim,
Hope this finds you well. You are already a busy person, sounds like your life is going to get even more hectic in 2009.


Yes that is so true Margaret. But this is fun stuff! Morgan, I think that is what makes writing so unique for each of us. The twists things take keeps us in the writing chair!

Hi, Kim,

I love the sound of your cyber whodunit, and your book sounds really good. Enjoy your new year.

thanks Elaine! I am just off to spread the word about the Edinner! I hope you all will participate! I have added to the prizes, now you can get a free ecopy of Avenging Angel as well as a mention and of course the gift cert.

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