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Kim’s Got a Surprise for January!

Posted on: December 27, 2008

Before I spring the surprise, let’s find out a little more about Kim.  She’s a very interesting lady.

Tell us a little about yourself? (i.e. Pets? Where you live? Special interests of hobbies?)

I have a Chia-Pom dog, that is, part Chihuahua and part Pomeranian. She rules my world. I live in the Mid South region of the US and yes, that accent on my radio show is REAL. I really do sound that way, because I asked my family to tell me if I really sounded like that and they assured me that I do. I love peanut better and apple sandwiches, and sausage patties with mustard. I know I know, I am weird.

Tell us a little about your writing schedule. What do you find most difficult, easiest?

I find being committed to a word count everyday the most difficult because I am a very busy person. I work full time, have a part time home based business, and two kids, a hubby, and of course, Tinkerbell (did I tell you she is the boss of my household??) so getting in a regular word count is hard. I think creating is the easiest part of my writing job. I have no trouble finding interesting people to fill pages of books.

What are your future writing plans?

I hope to keep writing the Shannon Wallace series for a few books, and have a contemporary romance in the works as well as a short for an anthology. I also have short stories coming out next year, so readers will not be lonely for some of my brand of writing J

Now for the surprise!

I am just about to embark on a new adventure for readers, called a Murder Mystery EDinner.

Coming soon! Murder Mystery eDinner!

Sign up by emailing Kim at with SHANNON WALLACE MYSTERY – eDinner in the subject line to get on the guest list and begin receiving clues to the cyber whodunnit. The first to solve the crime correctly will win a $20.00 gift certificate to and have their win announced on the radio show Introducing…WRITERS!.


5 Responses to "Kim’s Got a Surprise for January!"

Sounds very interesting. Where can we find more details about this mystery edinner?

Hey Cheryl,

I will be doing the “official” post after the New Year 🙂 stay tuned!!

Oh, Murder eDinner sounds like a game. Can’t wait to find out what it’s all about. Way too cool, Kim.

You are pretty close, Lea. I am thinking along the lines of the Clue Game 🙂 only an electronic version !


What a fun idea – Murder eDinner – I love playing Clue.

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