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Jane Beckenham Talks About Her Writing Career

Posted on: January 3, 2009

  1. Who is your current publisher. If you have more than one, let us know, but attach the publisher to the book.

    I’m very lucky. I have Red Rose Publishing, Linden Bay Romance, Treble Heart Books and Cerridwen Press

I started writing about 10 years ago and was very happy to sell quite quickly. I was always an avid reader, but don’t really think I ever said ‘I want to be a writer’ It was just something I did. Not sure if that makes me sound a ‘real’ writer or not. Probably not, but I love writing, I love creating characters and finding out about their lives.

    Tell us about your current book. How you got the idea. Who is your favorite character? If it’s a series book, tell us a little about the series.

My most recent release was DESPERATELY SEEKING SANTA. It actually started as a competition entry for a reunion story. I wanted it to be a Christmas story, because I’m a sucker for those. I tend to play around with an idea for all of five minutes, and then I’m off writing, working out what the heck I’m doing, along with what my characters are doing along the way. The little thing different about this Christmas story is that it is set downunder here in New Zealand, so it’s summer and not winter, so it makes it a Christmas story with a difference. I love the hero of this story, Tate Sullivan. He starts out wanting revenge, but really he’s just a romantic, but he doesn’t know it- yet.

    What is a typical writing day like for you? Approximately how many words do you try to write in a day? What is your workspace like?

I like to write about 2500 per day if I’m in writing mode, other wise it’s editing, or editing. . I do something towards writing each day, whether its writing, editing, promo,…or editing (can u tell I edit a lot)

    What do you enjoy most about writing?

Creating a new life for a character.

    How do you advertise your books? Blog? Website? Magazine advertisement? What works best for you?

I tend to do a lot of loop chats, and live chats, I do interviews, like this one – thank you Nancy! – But I don’t do paper advertising – $$$ and being in NZ our $ compared to the US$ at the moment aint looking good!

    What are you working on right now? Tell us a little about the plot setting and characters. How did you get the idea?

I’m in – yes you guessed it – edit mode for a fab new novella – To Kiss an Angel. I struggled with this story at first, couldn’t find my hero. He wouldn’t talk to me. But I’m quite pleased with the finished 1st draft, now in edit mode – yippe. It’s a contemporary romance but with an angel who has a job to do…to get the hero to have fun. Trouble is fun is not on his agenda.

But it is a fun book and I really like it, now that the hero is behaving himself. The prologue for this book came to me in 2001 while I was in hospital – yes so long ago – I was watching the clouds wiz past my hospital window and wondered what it would be like if an angel fell off her cloud.. and hey presto – 7 years later To Kiss an Angel is born.

    What is the best tip you can give someone who wants to be an author?

You have to love what you do, and be strong enough to pick yourself up after rejection… love chocolate and bubble baths for your soul revival. But honestly. Just do it. Don’t give up. But also be kind to yourself, don’t work yourself into exhaustion. (Note to self – take note of my own advice!)

    Do you have an agent? Do you think a successful writer needs an agent?

No I don’t have an agent. I haven’t really tried, but I think if you’re intent on going mainstream single title, an agent is a good idea. It’s a time factor too. You have to take time off the writing to do these things and sometimes its just hard to get off the merry go round.

    What do you think about the current state of the industry? What about ebooks? Do you read them? Do you think they will eventually replace print books?

I don’t think ebooks will every totally replace print books. But hey they said we’d never go to the moon. So who knows. Ebooks are virtually unheard of here in New Zealand, and so the ereaders aren’t available either. Hate to say this, but I’m still a print girl.

    Besides yourself, do you have a favorite author? Favorite book?

Fave authors – Sophia James, Sandra Hill

Loved Sophia James’ Ashblane’s Lady.


3 Responses to "Jane Beckenham Talks About Her Writing Career"

Hey Jane and Nancy,

I have a question… how do you get more than one publisher? I thought you could only have one?
Lovely interview!!

I love your approach to writing, Jane. Good choice for an interview, Nancy.

Have a fab 2009!

Very interesting article. Writing is something that has to come from within. Moreover, a successful writer has to be a good storyteller to be able to create characters and stories. I like Jane’s approach of creating characters. That has surely lead to some really interesting stories. Thanks for sharing Jane.

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