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No Sex Necessary by Jane Bechenham now in Print from Red Rose Publishing

Posted on: January 9, 2009


Author: Jane Beckenham


ISBN: 978-1-60435-115-6

ISBN: 1-60435-115-2

Release date: June 5 2008

Heat rating Sensual

No Sex Necessary

Wife wanted – no sex necessary is the perfect job for Tara Palmer while for commitment-phobe Cole Charteris, the word marriage isn’t in his vocabulary. Until he meets Tara, the woman who answers an advertisement to pose as his fiancée. But playing a loving couple when there’s only blackmail doesn’t make for love everlasting…unless one of the rules of employment changes!

Review: 4 Angels.

Ms. Beckenham’s characters are solid and very believable; she does a great job… with an insight into two very individuals…No Sex Necessary shows us that love can bloom in the most scarred hearts and that even with countless

obstacles, love can conquer all.


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