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The Message is ‘Take Care of Yourself for your Loved Ones”

Posted on: January 21, 2009

“What’s Age Got To Do With It?” is a catchy title, but it makes an important point. It’s all right, in fact, it’s necessary to take care of yourself so that you can give your best to others. Frankly, I think most women and men as well could profit from reading the first chapter and taking it seriously. Too many of us, let out needs go because we think we have to be doing constantly for others to justify our existence. In fact, taking care of your health and feeling good about yourself are doing something for others. If our children see us as depressed, ill and unhappy, it doesn’t give them a good image for the future. Children need role models. Girls need to see their mothers as vibrant important people. I think it’s a great message.

I must admit that some of the information in the book was rather generic, and since I use neither hair coloring nor makeup, it wasn’t particularly enlightening, except to give me a view of why it takes some women so long to get dressed. Still, the chapters on exercise, diet and health were well worth reading. Even if the information isn’t new, it was presented in an interesting and informative way. The style was that of a friend talking to another friend. I enjoyed getting to know Robin. She seems to be a neat person.

Information about the book is available at


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