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It’s A Joy to FInd Such a Helpful Book on Brain Function

Posted on: February 11, 2009

It’s a joy to read a book on the treatment of ADD, PTSD, depression and anxiety that doesn’t suggest a one-size-fits all treatment plan. When I was in grad school studying brain function and doing research on the use of psychoactive drugs in the treatment of chronic schizophrenics, many forms of mental illness were lumped together in not very well defined categories. Why did some patients respond well to treatment, while others regressed? With the advent of SPECT scans we can see differences in brain function that lead directly to specific treatment protocols. What a fabulous breakthrough for people suffering from difficult to diagnose mental problems.

Dr. Henslin is adept at weaving the theory of brain function together with Christianity. It’s a revelation to see how St. Paul’s advice Philippians can be translated into a better understanding of how you can use your brain works to promote joy in your life.

Parents of children diagnosed with ADD must read this book. The thought of so many children being given Ritalin to solve their problems, when they’re brains may have a completely different need is truly appalling. From this book, we learn that there are actually six different categories of ADD. I urge any parent with an ADD child to make sure that your child is receiving the appropriate treatment for his or her problem.

This book will resonate with Christians because of Dr. Henslins effective use of Christian theology to enhance our understanding of brain function. But whatever your religious persuasion, I believe the book can be extremely valuable in bringing hope to people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, ADD or PTSD. There are treatments to give you the joyful brain you deserve.

For more information on the book go to:


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I hope you’ll check my blog post today on left brain/right brain function.

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