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Dramatic Mystery – Accurate Background Detail – Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl

Posted on: April 27, 2009

face-of-betrayalThree women are the faces of law enforcement. A young girl goes missing. Allison, the prosecutor faces the legal problems of getting an indictment for the supposed killer. Nicole, the FBI agent, must deal with the family and all the aspects of a federal investigation. Cassidy, the newswoman, follows the story hoping it will be her big break. The backgrounds of all three women are skilfully woven together to give a detailed picture of the problems involved when a child goes missing.

The novel pulls you along. The short chapters and fast action make it hard to put down. However, I did have two problems with the book. Because the author is knowledgeable her writing often sounds more like non-fiction than fiction. The second problem is that while the female characters are believable, the male characters are like cardboard cutouts thrown up for effect. However, the book is entertaining reading for a raining afternoon.

Available from Thomas Nelson:

ISBN: 1595547053
ISBN-13: 9781595547057
Format: Jacketed Hardcover
Trim Size: 6.40 x 9.20 x 1.50
Style#: 9781595547057
Page Count: 320


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