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Great Stories – Good Advice

Posted on: June 30, 2009

Michael Franzese tells it like it is. He knows what he’s talking about and is able to use stories from his mob experiences to illustrate his lessons.

Most of the discussions are standard business lessons. This doesn’t mean that people follow the advice, but it is generally available. However, for me, putting it in terms of another large “business” organization provided a slant that made the advice stick in my mind. A good example is: Cook the pasta, not the books. We all know this, but the stories made me think about it in a fresh way.

My favorite lesson, and one that I hadn’t thought about, was: Keep your eyes on the bookies. Before reading that chapter, I hadn’t realized how great the temptation is for an employee with a gambling problem to take advantage of his or her proximity to cash to begin pilfering. Now I understand the problem better. Thanks, Michael.

The other lesson I particularly appreciated was: Learn from your failures. Failure is discouraging and some people never come back from a serious set-back. It’s more productive to think of failure as lesson time. You got there for some reason. How can you do better next time?

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable and educational read.


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