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The authors, one a wealthy art dealer, the other a homeless black man were unlikely to become friends. A remarkable woman, Debbie, the art dealer’s wife, brought them together. This is the story of how these men overcame their prejudice, let down their guard and became friends for life. The truly remarkable part of the story is that whether they knew it or not they would need to sustain each through the tragedy of Debbie’s tragic bout with colon cancer.

This true story is filled with revelations about the reality of slavery in the South today. How can people be free when they are economically and educationally disadvantaged. Too often when we look at homeless people, we see the addiction, and the dirt, but we fail to see the person underneath. We turn our eyes away believing these people are less than human. The story of how Ron, the wealthy art dealer, came to love and depend on Denver, the black homeless man, is a true miracle. It’s a reminder that we never know what in our lives will turn out to sustain us in our darkest moments. This book should be read by everyone, believer and non-believers alike to remind us of our humanity.


A creepy old house in the woods, mysterious noises, and a frightening intruder add up to a book you can’t put down. When the Kings move into the old house in the woods, it’s apparent almost immediately that something isn’t right. Xander and his younger brother David think the strange manifestations are a cool adventure until they turn deadly serious. Then the brothers must team up to survive. Young adults will love the action and adventure of this horror story. Xander, the fifteen year old, is a particularly attractive character. Forced into the move against his will, he decides to make the best of it and manages to always stay one step ahead of his parents. Adults too will love this fast paced horror story. I can’t wait for the next installment.

The book, however, is not just a thrilling adventure story. It’s the story of a family. The life threatening consequences of moving to the “House of Dark Shadows” test the bonds of the King family threatening to tear them apart. But the family is stronger than the problems that surround them. This is also a story about loving and caring. It’s about making mistakes and forgiveness. Altogether an unforgettable read.

You can find the book on Thomas Nelson by following the link

From the fertile fields of Grenoble to the luxurious Court of Louis the XIV, Golden Keyes Parsons brings the world of 17th century France to life. It is the story of Madeleine Clevell and her family, Huguenots, but with strong ties to the court. When dragoons descend on the Clevell estate, Madeline determines to save her family by calling on her youthful friendship with King Louis. Although her husband and mother try to dissuade her from her desire to go to Versailles, she insists believing the King will be the same infatuated suitor of her youth. It is a gamble that teaches Madeleine many things about the world and most of all about her self.

Parsons has created a fast paced adventure that weaves the historical details of the persecution of the Huguenots into the story of one woman’s courage to save her family and remain true to her faith. This is a must-read novel for aficionados of historical fiction. If the subsequent novels in the series are of the same caliber, Parsons will have a superb series. — Nancy Famolari, author of Summer’s Story