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It’s a joy to read a book on the treatment of ADD, PTSD, depression and anxiety that doesn’t suggest a one-size-fits all treatment plan. When I was in grad school studying brain function and doing research on the use of psychoactive drugs in the treatment of chronic schizophrenics, many forms of mental illness were lumped together in not very well defined categories. Why did some patients respond well to treatment, while others regressed? With the advent of SPECT scans we can see differences in brain function that lead directly to specific treatment protocols. What a fabulous breakthrough for people suffering from difficult to diagnose mental problems.

Dr. Henslin is adept at weaving the theory of brain function together with Christianity. It’s a revelation to see how St. Paul’s advice Philippians can be translated into a better understanding of how you can use your brain works to promote joy in your life.

Parents of children diagnosed with ADD must read this book. The thought of so many children being given Ritalin to solve their problems, when they’re brains may have a completely different need is truly appalling. From this book, we learn that there are actually six different categories of ADD. I urge any parent with an ADD child to make sure that your child is receiving the appropriate treatment for his or her problem.

This book will resonate with Christians because of Dr. Henslins effective use of Christian theology to enhance our understanding of brain function. But whatever your religious persuasion, I believe the book can be extremely valuable in bringing hope to people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, ADD or PTSD. There are treatments to give you the joyful brain you deserve.

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“What’s Age Got To Do With It?” is a catchy title, but it makes an important point. It’s all right, in fact, it’s necessary to take care of yourself so that you can give your best to others. Frankly, I think most women and men as well could profit from reading the first chapter and taking it seriously. Too many of us, let out needs go because we think we have to be doing constantly for others to justify our existence. In fact, taking care of your health and feeling good about yourself are doing something for others. If our children see us as depressed, ill and unhappy, it doesn’t give them a good image for the future. Children need role models. Girls need to see their mothers as vibrant important people. I think it’s a great message.

I must admit that some of the information in the book was rather generic, and since I use neither hair coloring nor makeup, it wasn’t particularly enlightening, except to give me a view of why it takes some women so long to get dressed. Still, the chapters on exercise, diet and health were well worth reading. Even if the information isn’t new, it was presented in an interesting and informative way. The style was that of a friend talking to another friend. I enjoyed getting to know Robin. She seems to be a neat person.

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Author: Jane Beckenham


ISBN: 978-1-60435-115-6

ISBN: 1-60435-115-2

Release date: June 5 2008

Heat rating Sensual

No Sex Necessary

Wife wanted – no sex necessary is the perfect job for Tara Palmer while for commitment-phobe Cole Charteris, the word marriage isn’t in his vocabulary. Until he meets Tara, the woman who answers an advertisement to pose as his fiancée. But playing a loving couple when there’s only blackmail doesn’t make for love everlasting…unless one of the rules of employment changes!

Review: 4 Angels.

Ms. Beckenham’s characters are solid and very believable; she does a great job… with an insight into two very individuals…No Sex Necessary shows us that love can bloom in the most scarred hearts and that even with countless

obstacles, love can conquer all.

  1. Who is your current publisher. If you have more than one, let us know, but attach the publisher to the book.

    I’m very lucky. I have Red Rose Publishing, Linden Bay Romance, Treble Heart Books and Cerridwen Press

I started writing about 10 years ago and was very happy to sell quite quickly. I was always an avid reader, but don’t really think I ever said ‘I want to be a writer’ It was just something I did. Not sure if that makes me sound a ‘real’ writer or not. Probably not, but I love writing, I love creating characters and finding out about their lives.

    Tell us about your current book. How you got the idea. Who is your favorite character? If it’s a series book, tell us a little about the series.

My most recent release was DESPERATELY SEEKING SANTA. It actually started as a competition entry for a reunion story. I wanted it to be a Christmas story, because I’m a sucker for those. I tend to play around with an idea for all of five minutes, and then I’m off writing, working out what the heck I’m doing, along with what my characters are doing along the way. The little thing different about this Christmas story is that it is set downunder here in New Zealand, so it’s summer and not winter, so it makes it a Christmas story with a difference. I love the hero of this story, Tate Sullivan. He starts out wanting revenge, but really he’s just a romantic, but he doesn’t know it- yet.

    What is a typical writing day like for you? Approximately how many words do you try to write in a day? What is your workspace like?

I like to write about 2500 per day if I’m in writing mode, other wise it’s editing, or editing. . I do something towards writing each day, whether its writing, editing, promo,…or editing (can u tell I edit a lot)

    What do you enjoy most about writing?

Creating a new life for a character.

    How do you advertise your books? Blog? Website? Magazine advertisement? What works best for you?

I tend to do a lot of loop chats, and live chats, I do interviews, like this one – thank you Nancy! – But I don’t do paper advertising – $$$ and being in NZ our $ compared to the US$ at the moment aint looking good!

    What are you working on right now? Tell us a little about the plot setting and characters. How did you get the idea?

I’m in – yes you guessed it – edit mode for a fab new novella – To Kiss an Angel. I struggled with this story at first, couldn’t find my hero. He wouldn’t talk to me. But I’m quite pleased with the finished 1st draft, now in edit mode – yippe. It’s a contemporary romance but with an angel who has a job to do…to get the hero to have fun. Trouble is fun is not on his agenda.

But it is a fun book and I really like it, now that the hero is behaving himself. The prologue for this book came to me in 2001 while I was in hospital – yes so long ago – I was watching the clouds wiz past my hospital window and wondered what it would be like if an angel fell off her cloud.. and hey presto – 7 years later To Kiss an Angel is born.

    What is the best tip you can give someone who wants to be an author?

You have to love what you do, and be strong enough to pick yourself up after rejection… love chocolate and bubble baths for your soul revival. But honestly. Just do it. Don’t give up. But also be kind to yourself, don’t work yourself into exhaustion. (Note to self – take note of my own advice!)

    Do you have an agent? Do you think a successful writer needs an agent?

No I don’t have an agent. I haven’t really tried, but I think if you’re intent on going mainstream single title, an agent is a good idea. It’s a time factor too. You have to take time off the writing to do these things and sometimes its just hard to get off the merry go round.

    What do you think about the current state of the industry? What about ebooks? Do you read them? Do you think they will eventually replace print books?

I don’t think ebooks will every totally replace print books. But hey they said we’d never go to the moon. So who knows. Ebooks are virtually unheard of here in New Zealand, and so the ereaders aren’t available either. Hate to say this, but I’m still a print girl.

    Besides yourself, do you have a favorite author? Favorite book?

Fave authors – Sophia James, Sandra Hill

Loved Sophia James’ Ashblane’s Lady.

Before I spring the surprise, let’s find out a little more about Kim.  She’s a very interesting lady.

Tell us a little about yourself? (i.e. Pets? Where you live? Special interests of hobbies?)

I have a Chia-Pom dog, that is, part Chihuahua and part Pomeranian. She rules my world. I live in the Mid South region of the US and yes, that accent on my radio show is REAL. I really do sound that way, because I asked my family to tell me if I really sounded like that and they assured me that I do. I love peanut better and apple sandwiches, and sausage patties with mustard. I know I know, I am weird.

Tell us a little about your writing schedule. What do you find most difficult, easiest?

I find being committed to a word count everyday the most difficult because I am a very busy person. I work full time, have a part time home based business, and two kids, a hubby, and of course, Tinkerbell (did I tell you she is the boss of my household??) so getting in a regular word count is hard. I think creating is the easiest part of my writing job. I have no trouble finding interesting people to fill pages of books.

What are your future writing plans?

I hope to keep writing the Shannon Wallace series for a few books, and have a contemporary romance in the works as well as a short for an anthology. I also have short stories coming out next year, so readers will not be lonely for some of my brand of writing J

Now for the surprise!

I am just about to embark on a new adventure for readers, called a Murder Mystery EDinner.

Coming soon! Murder Mystery eDinner!

Sign up by emailing Kim at with SHANNON WALLACE MYSTERY – eDinner in the subject line to get on the guest list and begin receiving clues to the cyber whodunnit. The first to solve the crime correctly will win a $20.00 gift certificate to and have their win announced on the radio show Introducing…WRITERS!.


Avenging Angel, a Shannon Wallace Mystery

Shannon Wallace is having a bad hair week. She’s been ditched by her job, drunk as a skunk, dumped by her boyfriend and implicated in his murder. When their very private video collection turns up missing from the crime scene, Shannon has to find them before the cops do. But the killer has taken them, and he’s watched them. Now she’s at the top of HIS most wanted list!

Kim’s latest book is available from Red Rose Publishing (

I asked Kim some questions about her release:

What inspired you to write this story? This book came about originally when an idea occurred to me to write a story about a girl who goes to work for a man who wants to have a detective agency but couldn’t get his license, so they do detecting under the radar. It was a good start, but the story went in a completely different direction once the characters came on screen. I don’t know if it was a good thing or not, but I just held on the reins and they took over the buggy.

Do you have a favorite character, if so tell us why? My favorite character in Avenging Angel is Dwayne Brown. He is the most colorful, fun person in the world to be around. I know my readers will love him!


about Avenging Angel …wonderful story, masterfully blending action, humor, and suspense … from Ron Adams, author of KEY LIME SQUEEZE, LAKE EFFECT…

Avenging Angel, is a welcome addition to the cozy mystery genre.  Full of hilarious situations and a mystery that will keep the reader guessing, the story takes place in a well drawn world peopled by characters brimming with authentic Southern charm.  Smith’s writing is down to earth, real and honest.  Avenging Angel is as refreshing as a tall glass of icy sweet tea on a summer afternoon.

Liz Rozanski

Friends Again Bookstore, Mgr.

about Kim

…Kim is an exceptionally talented writer with keen insight and a deliciously wicked sense of humor. She is a teacher, mentor, sometime editor and critic, and the best friend an aspiring writer can have. She is more than willing to share her talents with others…


Like Kim, I write cozy mysteries, so I’m very pleased to have her as my guest this week. Kim is a very busy lady with many interests. In January she has a surprise in store for her mystery fans. We’ll preview it later in the week.

Kim Smith was born in Memphis Tennessee, the youngest of four children. After a short stint in a Northwest Mississippi junior college, during the era of John Grisham’s rise as a lawyer, she gave up educational pursuits to marry and begin family life.

She has worked in many fields in her life, from fast food waitress to telephone sales. “I always got the seniors on the phone who were lonely and wanted someone to talk to. My boss couldn’t understand why in the world I spent so much time talking to them and not enough time selling. That was when I realized I love people and care deeply about their lives.”

After the birth of her two children, she gave up working outside the home for the more important domestic duties of wife and mother. When her kids decided they wanted to pursue theater as an extracurricular activity, she gave up her free time to drive them to rehearsals, training classes, and plays. During those years, she found herself bored with nothing to do to while away the hours stuck in a car. She began thinking of stories to entertain herself and pass the time. Before long she started telling her husband about her stories and he assured her she could write a book if she really wanted to. She put the idea away once she landed a job as a network administrator for a small corporation, and together the Smith’s started their own video production company.

Writing was a dream, hidden but not forgotten, and soon Kim began to talk again of trying her hand at it. She played with words, and wrote several poems, one of which was picked up for an anthology

One day in the early nineties her husband came home with a desktop computer and sat her in front of it. “Now you have no more excuses,” he said, and she realized the truth in his words. Procrastination, now no longer an option, she took off on the pursuit of penning her first book. Though that book, a young adult fantasy, was lost due to unforeseen circumstances, she kept going, writing a historical romance, and another YA.

When she decided to try out her hand at mystery writing, she discovered her true love and niche in the writing journey. She has since had four short stories, and her first mystery novel accepted for publication.

Kim is a member of Sisters in Crime, and the Short Mystery Society. She still lives in the Mid South region of the United States and is currently working on her second book in the mystery series.