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A disciplinary transfer moves FBI agent Raleigh Harmon from Richmond to Seattle. She’s the new kid on the block and experiences all the hazing her male co-workers can dish out. Her crazy mother and not too stable aunt provide a counter point to the harsh world of violent crime. Throw in Claire the Clairvoyant and you have a cast of characters that add a necessary a light element to an otherwise dark story.

In spite of her low status in the Violent Crimes Section, Raleigh solves a complicated kidnapping case that puts her own life in danger. She’s a tough, likable heroine who keeps up with the male agents and manages to go one step beyond.

One of the bonuses of this book is the insight into the difficult life of Felicia, an FBI informer. Responding to her plight brings Raleigh out of her shell and makes her realize that it’s not enough to catch criminals, you also need to show compassion for the victims.

Giorello’s prose is like poetry. Her descriptions of the mountainous terrain of Washington State are unforgeable. I could see the places she describes. It made me want to go hiking. The taut suspense, likable characters, and gorgeous scenery make this a novel to curl up with on a rainy day.